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Switching between PWR and BWR

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I know there's old threads on this, just looking for some discussion.

Any thoughts from people that have licensed on both PWR and BWR?

BWRs are simple compared to a PWR.  Changing power with a BWR can be fast simply by changing the recirculation flow through the core.  You will also find that the EOP are a flow chart.  You can't cook book it like you can a Westinghouse.

I talked to a RE that was licensed with me at a PWR about BWRs.  He is a RE/ Core Design manager now that first cut his teeth at a BWR.  He told me that the BWR has a better neutron economy.  It made sense because the voids keep the neutrons fast and more likely to get absorbed by U-238.  This will have beneficial affects later in core life.

Bonds 25:
PWR's insert their CRB's upside down, have clean turbines, large containments and can't load follow...........not to mention constant boron addition and required concentration levels. You mention boron addition at a BWR (via SLC) and it signals "time to look for a new job"

BWR BWR BWR BWR !!!! A real Nuclear Power Plant.  Not a wimpy "the background on the frisker inside containment is over 100 cpm :(


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....  Not a wimpy "the background on the frisker inside containment is over 100 cpm :(

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sew you're saying that b.w.r.s make gobs of energy an p.w.r.s make jobs of energy?

Wow...didn't know you two were licensed on BWRs AND PWRs!!  Congrats.


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