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--- Quote from: scurrilous on Nov 11, 2018, 01:43 ---No real questions, just curious what people had to say. I've heard people say it's hard to switch from PWR to BWR and vice versa, but personally I don't think it could be that bad... If you could license at one plant I'm sure you could do it at another, just a question of whether you want to go through class again.

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The change in reactor theory can be difficult if you spent a lot of time on one. The emergency procedures seem to be pretty different. Personally, I prefer the BWR boards that are just a flow chart. If you made it through license class on one, you should be able to make it through on the other, you just have to relearn some things and unlearn others.

Unlearning was hard. The ATWS procedure on a BWR is the exact opposite as on a PWR.
PWR had full families of accidents that don’t exist in BWRs.
I loved both but probably love BWRs a bit more.
Currently SRO certified on a BWR 6.

Fossil plants are really cool on the heat source side.

Your question about going through class again.
It’s a young man’s sport. Last time I went through class I started at 43. Finished just as I turned 46.
It was getting irritating maybe because I had already licensed twice before.
Wouldnt do it now.
When I certified I did not go through class.
I was offered the chance to self study for the written and to take the simulator portion when ready. I asked if I had to be pretty or just prove I can operate the AOPs and the EPs. I was told just get through the later but not be a total moron about it. A month later I took the written and got a 100. I then watched a requal crew in the simulator, practiced twice so I knew how to manipulate the plant computer and give orders ( I had two excellent guys who were formerly licensed on the plant as my ROs) I then said bring it and did my scenario. Had a couple comments but overall did well.
Was asked if I would consider licensing.
I said for a million a year. They laughed, I didnt!

Bonds 25:

Props to TVA for being one hell of a poster in this thread!! Great information, man. Its finally you are your best, cleansed of your worst.

Although it did take a dirty, low level (dumb) RP to point out that Pu-239 is the majority of core fission at the EOC for BWR's....and not Pu-235 or whatever "typo" you inserted.  O:)


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