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Switching between PWR and BWR

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Bonds 25:
Sorry, I will refrain from spewing my "wimpy" PWR humor in the future.

I fantasize about being an RO sometimes, but then I remember how unbelievably awesome it is being an HP and protecting the public from the DEADLY effects of ionizing radiation.

Saving the public's lives (HP) >>>> Making DEADLY radiation (RO)


--- Quote from: Bonds 25 on Nov 10, 2018, 01:00 ---PWR's insert their CRB's upside down, have clean turbines, large containments and can't load follow...........not to mention constant boron addition and required concentration levels. You mention boron addition at a BWR (via SLC) and it signals "time to look for a new job"

BWR BWR BWR BWR !!!! A real Nuclear Power Plant.  Not a wimpy "the background on the frisker inside containment is over 100 cpm :(

--- End quote ---

Personally, I like being able to walk through the plant with a bottle of water on a hot day in my PWR, not having to go through several rad monitors every day, not having to worry about being contaminated if there's a packing leak. Spending all day inside an RCA for JPMs at a BWR sucked.

Bonds 25:

Its just a joke, I have worked way more PWR's in my career, I just happened to land permanently at a BWR......and not because I decided due to the design. If I was at a PWR, I would be picking on the BWR's.

I love all Nuclear Plants equally.....well except Ice Condenser Plants, screw those guys  ;D

Being the only person in the world has been a Shift Manager on a BWR and a PWR I can and will answer any questions you might have.
Looks like I am the only person in this thread who has operational experience.

1: PWR rarely add boron except post shutdown.

2: BWR are easy as hell to operate.

3: BWR have better fuel economy and actually around 60% of the fissions at EOC are from Pu 235.

4: From a license aspect I liked PWR better. Especially for remembering containment valve isolations and logic.

5: I found PWR EOP rules to be boring as hell. Love the BWR flow chart wild west feel.
On the other hand there is no prioritization with PWR procedures. That was nice.

6: All the physics and check valve testing on a PWR during startup SUCKED! Also pressurization sucked as one had to be very careful on the BFPL curves. Also having to due special evolutions set up for low pressure cooldown was a bit well it sucked.

7: Control rods on both types made sense. One thing I loved about PWRs was NO rod patterns also when one group of rods was at a certain position the others would start moving. Saying that... power dependent rod positions on a PWR sort of sucked. I liked the idea of once rods are in the core stays shutdown under all conditions. PWRs are a combination of boron and control rods.

8: Both have dose issues. Depends on where you are in the plant. On the average guys in a BWR are more dose concsious.

I licensed at an Ice Plant. Wow whoever came up with that idea was f@#$%^d in the head

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