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Veteran's Day 2018

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I thought I might list all the folks on these pages I know to be vets and put up some sort of sappy, virtue signaling meme which would garner likes and "cool dude" comments, etc.,....

then I remembered that I dislike facebook more than I like facebook and this ain't facebook,....


you know who you are, enjoy the day,...

I add my thanks to all the veterans for their service.

   I like many others on this site am a veteran but I found myself a little embarrassed when I am thanked for my service. At this last Friday's Knoxville Veterans Day parade there was a 100 year old Army vet of WWII. Marching with our SubVets chapter was a WWII Submarine veteran who did four war patrols. I use to shrug off the thank you's but have taken a somewhat different view that I a vet lower case "v" also represent the Vets upper case "V" and those thanking me are in part thanking all vets. I guess we all grow up a bit no matter what our age. I still feel a little embarrassed but I now smile and say thank you for the upper case "V" Vets and for the person who is offering heart felt patriotic gratitude for all vets not just me.

For my fellow Vets, Thank you for your service.  [salute]

As usual, I am a day late, but Thanks to all who served or continue to do so.

I appreciate the thanks from folks but in my mind,  "Thank you for your service" has become a lot like "Thoughts and Prayers"  I enjoy things more like WTF were you thinking?


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