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LDO pay questions


Good evening! I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but figure it is worth a shot.

I am 10.5 year EMN1 (SS). I have an LDO package in, and am digging to try to figure out exactly what the pay would be if I happen to get picked up. I understand base pay, that is easy. The sub pay instruction, OPNAVINST 7220.15 has TOSS, and the way I read it, is up until my 18 year point, I can receive sub pay as long as I have 72 months of sub service. Which I do have based on the pipeline, 4 years on first boat, and a year on my second boat so far. After that, the verbiage is unclear and confusing. I think less than 120 months means at 18 years, I lose sub pay.

Are there any other special pays or incentive pays for a 6200 LDO?

What about bonuses? Are nuclear bonuses a thing for LDOs? Not sure if things are different than for URL officers.

Thank you all in advance for your help! I will gladly clarify any statements or answer questions of anyone has any!

Why would anyone here know?

I have seen people posting with experience as a nuclear LDO. They may have the knowledge to answer the question. If not, I can delete this.

I'll bet you can find an LDO at or near your command who can answer all these questions and more. Just a thought.


--- Quote from: TVA on Nov 27, 2018, 11:02 ---Why would anyone here know?

--- End quote ---

Are you serious  ::)  there have been questions answered here by retired and current LDOs and officers. It would not be hard for someone in the Navy to ask an LDO and answer.

I know you have seen this many times but here you go one more time.

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