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What are the best Nuclear plants to work at as an HP ?

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What are the best nuclear plants to work at for outages as an HP tech?

Diablo Canyon (RIP)

Facility   Score   Votes
Diablo Canyon   91   82
Bruce   88   13
Comanche Peak   85   52
Callaway   82   33
Ginna   81   49
Seabrook   80   33
Fort Calhoun   78   44
Susquehanna   75   63
Duane Arnold   75   30
Sizewell   75   6

None of the Dominion plants are even listed

the best plant is the next won. the wurst is that in the rear vue mirror.


--- Quote from: MMM on Dec 21, 2018, 09:09 ---None of the Dominion plants are even listed

--- End quote ---

None, huh?  By none, you mean two of them.  Two out of four.

Surry and Kewaunee are.  Millstone, and North Anna used to be.  Someone deleted the polls in the forum:,177.0.html,153.0.html

When someone deleted the polls, the data was deleted with it.  We can create new polls.  And re-add them.

But with only 100 people voting out of 10's of thousands of nukeworkers...


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