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Recommendation on what website to advertise for a roommate


I am on medical hold and will be in Goose Creek for another 8 to 9 months.  My previous roommate already left to his next command.
I lived off base but I am still only 5 min from the mini Nex.  I am trying to use my social network and connections.
But what would be the best websites/apps/facebook pages for this sort of things.
I would prefer someone from the next graduating power school class (enlisted).

Thank you.

Craigslist or you might be able to get something up in the NEX or at NNPTC

You could have the section leaders contact the graduating class see if anybody is interested.  I can't remember if section leader is the right term but I think you know what I am saying.

Howz bout givin Swabbies Only dot calm a jingle.


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