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POSS B/MASS NOW COMPUTERIZED! updated from the 90's?


Hello everyone, I have been scouring this website for information.
 I just received confirmation I will be taking (my 3rd attempt in 3 years :'( ) at the EEI Poss B/Mass test. However, unlike times passed. I was notified this one will be on the computer and we will be given calculators for the math section.

This drastically begs my question...
1. Will it be graded the same way? (counted only correct answers and skip questions not graded)
   Also, this time my EEI prep website with practice questions does not have any graphs or tables to practice nor is it mentioned.
2. where do I study graphs at for this exam (assuming everyone on here is calling the jumbled mess of lines a graph)

Any other study tips would also be appreciated.
 Best guess my previous attempts were stifled by the math and figural reasoning/graphs portions.
I have told my husband the previous times I have taken this exam that this is "Man knowledge", things that he grew up exposed to as far as figural reasoning and mechanical concepts. He passed the exam back in the 90's first attempt, so he's no help to me :P [size=78%].  Quick back ground he has a high school diploma I have a Bachelors of Science. [/size]


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