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Colorblind waiver?

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Long story short, recruiter called me a few hours ago and asked me if I was interested in nuke while aware that I was color deficient. I said i was and she said she got me (with the waiver, not guaranteed). Now after browsing this forum and Reddit for a few hours looking at similar stories; I'm wondering if the waiver request actually goes through and gets approved would that get me through the vision test when I get shipped out to boot camp or if I can still be denuked despite the waiver.

Yes you can. A waiver only gets you into the program.
I was a qualified nuke with 3 years in and periodically the Navy would bring up something I did as a civilian.
Oddly when I got into special projects it wasnt an issue anymore. During my 4 hour interview with the DIA and FBI I finally cracked and said look you must know about this so why arent you asking?
They said
1: It happened 9 years before and I had obviously been a good citizen since then.
2: Given it was public I couldnt be blackmailed for it.

My guess is since it’s medical you will be ok. It might restrict your rate to MM.
But rest assured and waiver can be unwaivered.

I failed my Isihara colorblind test and they sent me home and said no to nuke.  My old man contacted some Navy Club buddies and I was sent back for a Falant test which I passed easily.  This was back in 1977.  I became an ELT and not once was my supposed "Color Blindness" a problem.  Never an issue in the Civilian world either.  Before Nuke school I was an Electrical Engineering Technology major at Purdue and never once picked a wrong color on a resistor or wire.  Of course I picked a few wrong answers on tests and that's how I went from having two years of EE stuff at Purdue to being a MM in the Navy.  I'm betting once you get the waiver you will never hear another word about it.  But as Mikey says the Navy can do whatever they want to you once you are in.

Yep I knew color blind nukes who were ROs in the civilian world. They had to prove they could recognize the positions of valves and understand how to find Red alarms.

Navy might be a bit different. I dont recall color blind nukes but I never once heard it was disqualifying

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