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Does anyone know if you can get any college credit for the NNPTC pipeline at any of the STA-21 (Nuclear Option) approved schools?

Deciding between Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering. # University of Arizona# Auburn University# The Citadel# University of Idaho# University of Illinois# University of Kansas# University of New Mexico# North Carolina State University# Oregon State University# Pennsylvania State University# Purdue University# Southern University and A&M College# SUNY Maritime College# University of South Carolina# University of Texas# University of Utah# University of Washington# University of Wisconsin

Ask them

You might get a handful of general eduaction credits, but I wouldn't expect more than 9-12 total, but ultimately it depends on the college, so as TVA said, you'll need to ask, and probably send them your SMART transcript. You might be able to get a few more credits via CLEP tests, but contact the universities about it. 

As an aside, NE almost locks you into nuclear and ME is less specialized, so you're probably better off going that route. Although after some time as an officer, you might be able to start as a manager, so the type of engineering degree would be less important. Don't take my word for it though, as I have no experience on that part.


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