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Personal Air Sampling Pumps


I'm asking for feedback about your experiences (favorable or unfavorable) when using the Gilliam 10i, Gillian 12, and SKC Leland Legacy personal air sampling pumps. We are looking to increase sample flow rate, and the vendor indicates these models are capable of 10 - 15 lpm. Possible areas of interest include actual sample flow rate, battery life, ease of use, reliability. Thanks in advance.

Ensuring no contamination of the air sample paper in alpha rich radiological environments seems to be an RP supervisors #1 concern of lapels at some of the places I was at recently.  A small amount of alpha contam can cause hundreds of millirem to be added to your dose for the year.

I would toss out the Gillian 10i model from consideration.  If it's only designed for 4-10 lpm, it probably fries the battery quickly running at top end.


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