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screening prescription AO/Operator/Equipment controlled substance

I am excited and have a conditional offer for AO/Operator/Equip Operator at a civilian nuclear power station. I never drink alcohol/no drugs/no parking tickets, ever. I do have a low dose ADHD prescription that is properly documented/diagnosed since grade school. Concerta methylphenidate (controlled substance). I obviously will declare. I have read this forum, but it is not completely clear how this case works:
1. I'm in perfect health/background otherwise--Is this prescription okay for pre-screen for AO/Operator roles?
2. I plan to declare--but who/where/when? 
3. Do I simply declare when a Medical Officer / MRO calls me?  Me/doctor have all the formal documentation.

I'm excited and I don't want to derail this!
Thank you (I am new to this industry)

1: Shouldnt be an issue
2: When you are given your forms ask access.
3: Take the bottle of pills with you. When doing your drug screening write word for word what it says. The drug, the amount and how many times you take it per day.
Hell I do this with aspirin and vitamins. I always say be safe.

Always make sure the people from access know and you follow word for word what they tell you to do.

On your access form if you think it has any chance of being applicable put it down.
I know I can be a pain but if I did it when I was 18 I put it down. I make damn sure it’s obvious I am not making any sort of attempt to hide anything


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