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I'm a senior nuclear engineering major and just signed an offer letter for an internship over the summer at a nuclear power plant. However, I took the psych test and have to meet with the Psychologist in person for an one-on-one interview. It might be due to the discrepancies in my answers. Should I be worried?

No not at all. It’s quite common to meet with a psych now.
Operators have to meet with a psych.
My last one in 2016 I had to meet with a psych. Entergy requires it.
His only question was that I answered someone is angry with me with a yes.
He asked why? I said first are you married?
That ended it

If you'll be working with ops, I think it's required, probably a couple of other departments as well. We've had three operators from my crew with psych interviews over the last few weeks, although our interviews are via Skype.

That's funny you mention Entergy. The offer is for Riverbend Power Station in Baton Rouge. I don't know where I'll be working but that all makes sense.

In Entergy Reactor Engineering is part of Ops


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