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Out of curiosity, what is the starting pay for Equipment Operators @ Davis Besse? (In-Grade EO specifically)What is the status of the plant not shutting down? A bill passed the House, now it goes to the Senate...

Officially it's still shutting down in May 2020. What the reality will be is anybody's guess.

I found this out from a friend of mine that works there.  Fully qualified EO3 pay is $42.30/hr.  Not sure about new hire AO.  I know it was $20.69/hr in 2005 and they usually get about 2.5% per year pay bumps on November 1.  I would estimate new hire AO to be about $28.52/hr based on the usual pay bumps.

They have double time on your second day off if you work OT, and 1.5 pay for anything over 40 hours per week.  The holidays are paid at double time plus a holiday bonus and holiday pay which makes it slightly higher than triple time.


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