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will i be denied or granted UA?

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I am currently applying for UA at a Nuclear Plant I worked at previously 3 years ago.  When I was there the first time I did fail a drug test, but upon successful completion of Outpatient program with EAP I was reinstated with full UA privileges. When I left the plant a little while later it was with favorable termination of UA.   This is the only bad thing on my record and I did just pass a hair drug test to get initial job offer. What are the chances i will be granted or denied UA? I realize these decisions are case by case and dependent on the Nuclear Plant but wanted to get an general idea of my chances

50/50. Depends on the plant and their access requirements, some are more forgiving than others. Call the Plant and ask the Access Supervisors, you have nothing to lose. Be totally HONEST about everything.

thanks i know its hard to really say either way, each nuke plant is different- I am hoping since I worked there before, they know the full story and I left favorably that it leans in my favor.

Just wanted to give an update.  I was granted UA, the only stipulation is that I am in the follow-up program.  This means I will be pulled more often for FFD alcohol/drug analysis for the next year or so. 
Hopefully this helps people out- there is always hope even if you have something in your past, as long as you are honest.  That being said I do think that me working there before, that I completed an outpatient program and left with favorable termination helped as well.  It does just depend on the plant and situation

good two here. nice too have a follow up on a thread in this subject.


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