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Hello All,

I have been working in a position for over a year which now requires UA. Here is my issue: I had several charges over ten years ago. When I went to have my record expunged, my lawyer only found two charges which he was able to remove. I paid to have a local and FBI background run, and my record is clean.

I had two brief slips (a weekend) over four years ago, but have been clean ever since.

Will this prevent me from obtaining UA?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Plants are closing. You are a druggie. If you did it inside the industry you would be banned for life.
Expungement is meaningless. Access can still see it. You are obligated to disclose it..


TVA, If you read my post, you would realize none of this happened in the industry.

Expungement isn’t meaningless because it is the reason I have my job.

I disclosed the information to my boss  after posting, and he said it wouldn’t be a problem.

I see you have no idea what you are talking about, and you’re trolling me. Why?

You asked and I am not trolling.
Drug use does not matter if you were in the industry or not. Fact is you have to come clean.
If they find out afterward and they will you are gone.
Your boss doesnt work in access. If so why ask here as you already have the answer.
I lost 2 guys to marijuana use and good riddance.
I know others might disagree but in my mind you are a worthless junkie who I prefer not be at a nuclear plant.
They can hire a guy with a perfectly clean record and should do so.


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