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Verification of KAs in 10 CFR26.29(b)


Looking for any info on the subject.

The specific point I am looking at is the 10 CFR26.29(b) statement "Comprehensive examination. Individuals who are subject to this subpart shall demonstrate the successful completion of training by passing a comprehensive examination that addresses the KAs in paragraph (a) of this section. The examination must include a comprehensive random sampling of all KAs with questions that test each KA, including at least one question for each KA."

The KAs are listed in 10 CFR26.29(a). Does a licensee have the responsibility to ensure that the CBTs provided by NANTeL meet this requirement?
If so, how would the licensee accomplish this?
Is the use of the NANTeL CBT simply taken as accepting that INPO is meeting the regulatory requirement?
Does the NRC have a stance on this, i.e. an MOA or some other endorsement?
If there was a discrepancy, how would the licensee get corrective action taken?

Any and all insight or info that anyone has is greatly appreciated! 

Access Solutions provides energy company general training material as a tool to familiarize you with the type of that you will cover upon your first entry to a nuclear power plant. Bear in mind that site-specifics may vary somewhat between energy companies. This statement as shown in "", specific to Exelon, indicates to me that it should be the responsibility of the utility providing the training to ensure that none of the knowledge material indicated in the training material differs from the procedures and company policies of the specific site performing the training. That tells me, and I could be wrong, that assuming the material is procured from Access Solutions they are the ones that would have to be contacted to correct the material that is shown to meet the specific plant needs. However, it is also the responsibility of the material procurer to present their site specific training and includes said different material in the correct information. The material should be based on acceptable needs analysis of the subject matter being presented. This of course is only my opinion.

The NRC does not approve the material..

This particular question revolves around the use of the NANTeL CBT and whether we, as the licensee, are supposed to verify that the NANTeL CBT examination covers the specific Knowledge Areas (KAs) of 10 CFR26.29(a).

To reply to TVA, no the NRC would not approve the material. That assertion is also not made anywhere in the post. The NRC may endorse the use of the NANTeL CBT as a suitable method for ensuring a licensee meets the KA requirement, but they would never "approve" the training.

KA are never included in the training. ADDIE uses objectives. Someone verifies the objectives meet the KAs. If not its the utilities issue. The NRC writes the speeding ticket


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