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VA Disability for Sleep Apnea


Served from 73-81, went to Nuclear Power School in Vallejo, Ca and Idaho for NPS.  Staff instructor at AIW, ELT school while in Idaho.  Left Idaho Falls in 1977 for the Guardfish, SSN-612, just coming out of the yards and stationed in San Diego.  I'm trying to make the "nexus" between the impacts of the rotating shift, long hours and bus rides to/from the site and the resulting in sleep deprivation which can be attributed to my sleep apnea.  I gained weight during that period and suffered symptoms and issues that today would be  diagnosed as sleep apnea.  Of course, the VA just tightened the rule to meet disability claims for sleep apnea.  If not reported during the time in service or within one year of leaving it is difficult to show that my sleep apnea is cause-effect a "Service Related Disability".  To help my appeal, I need personal experiences from others with the same issue.  Lost touch with anyone that would have had first hand personal knowledge of my specific situation, but a "buddy letter" would go long way in helping my case. 

I served from 70 to 78 on the boats and was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea some years later. Sleep apnea is a tissue based and nerve based condition that obstructs breathing. Sleep disorders based on rotating schedules are a disruption in your circadian rhythm a different sleep disorder.

I am not a doctor but I play one on Nukeworker talk to your physician.



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