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Newbie here. This site is full of so much pertinent information, so thanks to everyone. I have been working with BHI as an Entry Level Turbine Mechanic since last August. Although I've been laid off most of that time, I have been working exclusively in Duke plants. I worked from August 2018 to December 2018, two seperate outages, then was called in to work 3 weeks at a different plant in April 2019. I'm also scheduled to work at Dan River in October of this year. I had another scheduled job starting this month, but it was cancelled. I've been chosen ahead of others working for BHI with more experience, so I know I am doing well. My late father-in-law was a Master Turbine Mechanic with CP&L, Progress, then eventually Duke (buy-outs). His most recent boss from Duke, helped me get on with BHI. I have been working with his old crew through my work with BHI.I applied for a Fossil Mechanic Tech position at the Lark plant (Mt. Holly) and to my surprise, I received an email last week that indicated I am moving forward in the hiring process. I take the MASS test tomorrow. My question is if I pass the test, am I guaranteed an interview? I wonder just how many people applied for this position. It just seems so amazing they chose me to move forward with my limited experience. Mind you, before I had this experience I have applied for many Duke jobs, but always got the dreaded "not interested" email months later. I applied and 19 days later I received the "moving forward" email like a week after the job posting closed. Any words of encouragement are welcome! Or any tips! Also, anyone have an idea of what the starting pay for this type of position is? Thanks!

You realize this is NUKEworker right?


--- Quote from: Jrcain84 on Aug 07, 2019, 03:44 ---Yes, I do realize that, sorry if I have stepped on toes. Like I stated, my father-in-law worked for CP&L, Progress Energy, then Duke Energy through all the buy-outs. He worked fossil, coal, and nuclear plants and he was a Master Turbine Mechanic. So I do understand the differences, but I also understand some on this site might have also worked in fossil and coal. Please understand I am only trying to make friends and get some words of advice and so forth. I asked a couple of questions, but I understand if no one wants to answer them.

I just got gone taking the MASS test, I feel like I did well. I didn't have time to finish the math or mechanical sections so that is kind of stressing me out. But from reading so much here, I know a lot of people don't have time to finish.

Again, sorry if I upset you because I am not currently a NUKEworker, but I hope to be one day. Thanks.

--- End quote ---

Upsetting a troll is not so problematic, he is a habitual offender of Nukeworker rule #4:

4. Please learn to be respectful, tolerate and support each other.'s goal is to help others, not see how many people we can annoy. Do not initiate arguments or tension. This will only cause the triggering of other members and make this site less professional.,4700.0.html

It is a great site...even our trolls give out useful information from time to time.  and it is always good to have a devil's advocate.

No one was disrespectful. Again I challenge anyone here to have greater numbers than the people I have helped from this board. Odds are I beat any 20 of you. When I was recovering from my stroke earlier this year I helped 20 people get jobs and I helped 4 new operators pass their GFES. That alone beats any 20 people here.

Saying that it is NUKEworker. I only help nukes.


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