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Let's just say, a company somewhere decided to lay off about 6000 workers. Some of these workers are scared it'll happen again and want out of nuclear as a whole, even though it is very specialized. What are some options out there for a work week manager with a history of SRO/CRS/STA/WCCS/Navy Chief experience? We are finding it difficult to translate our work to folks outside the industry. Any specific suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

My buddy was the EP guy at a BWR.  He had SRO cert and was QA/RP/Chem supervisor before that, exnavy before that.  He started working at Amazon early last year. He says he likes it and makes similar money.  Headhunters keep contacting me about amazon as well but I don't really want to do that.

"Let's just say, a company somewhere decided to lay off about 6000 workers." That would be about 10 power plants. I don't think that is a realistic scenario. If they are running scared that it might happen again, well it could happen in any industry. I'm willing to bet that all 6000 were not work week managers with a history of SRO/CRS/STA/WCCS/Navy Chief experience. That experience and education should translate to lots of other industries, or you could go into training or procedure writing. Any power plant, factory, or large facility needs work planners. Those facilities are always in danger of being shutdown or downsizing for whatever reason. Don't think that any other industry is more secure.
The nuclear industry pays very well. Electricity is not something that can be imported from overseas (Canada yes, Asia or Europe no), and it is something that is a necessity. I believe that there is better job security in electric generation. However, if you want out of nuclear, don't wait for a 6000 worker layoff, and don't do it because you fear a future layoff. If you have seniority in a company, it's worth keeping it even if you have to relocate.

Try conventional power plants, There seems to be quite a few out there.


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