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Okay so this is kind of a weird situation but I'll try to make it brief.

I've always wanted to become a SEAL, I know it sounds cliche but it's the whole reason I decided to join the Navy in the first place. I just went through MEPS today and took the ASVAB, medical the whole nine yards, and while at the Navy liaison to work out my contract I found out I made a 90 on the ASVAB and did pretty well on all of the other test. They obviously started beating me over the head with the idea of going into NF and all the benefits that come along with it (even the Special Warfare counselor I was talking too pushed me to consider it). Honestly it caught me off guard, this was my first time taking the ASVAB other than the practice test with the recruiter (which I only scored a 72 on) so I never really looked into it because I didn't think I would even qualify. But apparently I qualify for both and don't really know what to do. On one hand I'm fully aware of what an amazing opportunity this is and don't want to rush turning it down without giving it proper thought but on the other I don't want to pass on my dream just because some other field pays more. I'm in DEP while I finish up this semester of college and my ship date isn't until December so I have some time to decide but I was wondering anyone could offer some advice on the matter.

I would say it has to be a decision that only you can make. Both options are excellent with the main differences between the two really not needing much explanation I wouldnt think. Learning how to utilize the energy of fission to make steam vs. learning how to keep the U.S. and the world a safer place. I think the subject has been discussed on here somewhere before, so before you get told how dumb you are for not searching it - yeah-search it. The only drawback I see is the one option may not have need for you to take the POSS test, so this may preclude you from interfacing with the smartest man on earth. Whichever you decide on good luck. In closing I would have to say that it would be way cooler being a SEAL than a nuke !!

Navy Nuke breaks people mentally,...

Navy SEAL breaks people mentally and physically,...

in the event you fail out in either one the Navy still owns you and the fleet always needs more A gang and Deck division,...

so, you may to want to be a SEAL, can you really do it?!?!?

your currently verified aptitude is for Navy Nuke - ergo good possibility of success,...

what is your aptitude for Navy SEAL?!?!?!?!

failure has real world consequences,....

plan for the consequences of failure, because unlike the civilian world, you cannot just walk away and pick up a different band instrument,...

not for four to six years anyways,....

or maybe you can - it is a different Navy than it used to be,...

NAVY!!! It's not just a job, it's an internship!!!!

 :P ;) :) 8)


--- Quote from: GLW on Aug 20, 2019, 09:33 ---Navy Nuke breaks people mentally,...
--- End quote ---

I must have missed that day, nothing broke

   Wash out rate may be something you may consider. Both were very high long ago, I understand that the Nuke pipeline has lowered it's attrition rate today maybe someone with more current experience can comment.


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