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Does anyone know anyone in Duke HR or have experience as a hiring manager know how Duke handles job offers?

I'm waiting to hear back from them about a position that was hiring multiple people in this posting. I know two people today got offers and one got a denial. I am just wondering if they sometimes stagger sending out job offers/denials. Trying to hold out hope. Originally they were supposed to hire 4 or more people from what I understand.

Usually done in one pop.
If someone doesnt take the job there are two ways to go.
1: Have a standby list of viable candidates to offer. This depends. Usually if they didnt make your list there is a valid reason for it .
I have done this ONCE.

2: Hire the people in and decide if one or two people make a difference. If it does repost the job. Most likely if you didnt get hired in the first time you wont get interviewed for this time.

That doesnt mean you wont get considered for a future job. We had one guy who did well on an interview. Trouble is guys kept doing a bit better. He didnt make the cut.
He applied for a job 7 months later and totally messed up the interview. I gave him a call and told him to go the path of his first interview. We hired him 2 classes later. He has worked his but off in class and has done pretty well.

So the short answer to your question is most likely you havent made the cut and no they will not tell you or inform you why. Not their problem.

Keep applying. My guess is if its an Ops position you passed a POSS.

It is not an Ops position, it is for a mechanic. I passed the MASS test and had an interview. I was told two people got offers today and one got a denial, both by email. I didn't get anything. I was hoping maybe tomorrow they were sending out two more job offers and I'd be one of them since they were supposed to be hiring four people for this posting. Thanks for your reply.

Same deal.


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