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I was recently accepted into the Nuclear Technology program (AAS) at Lake shore Technical college in Cleveland, Wisconsin.  This program seems legitimate, and the NRC offers a generous scholarship to those who study there full time.

My interest in physics paired with my dislike of American universities (as well as several other reasons) has led me to consider starting off with a two year Nuc Tech program. However I am concerned that this path  may not be fulfilling or even be able to set me up to follow a more fulfilling path later on if I do well (Nuclear engineering, for example)

What I'm trying to say is, could an AAS like this open the door to higher education down the road? In other words, would universities respect this degree? Would most of you who already work in the industry respect (read: hire) someone trying to get in with this kind of education?

I know very little about this field and would greatly appreciate some advice!

I know nothing about the school, but where there's a nuclear plant like Point Beach nearby, there's going to be a feeder school popping up to support their HP/nuclear skill-set needs.

I received an AAS Nuclear Technology from Lakeshore Tech.  I’m currently a non-licensed operator at a nuclear power plant. 

The degree is certainly enough to get you employed, but with how few jobs are available at any given time, it isn’t easy.  It took me two years after I graduated until I was finally hired.

Feel free to PM me with any questions, and good luck! 

Interviewed two. Didnt hire two.
That had more to do with them.


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