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Diablo Canyon NLO- Good Place to start??

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Thank you again for your reply. I'm a bit confused though, assuming I work 4 years at the plant I would be qualified TO APPLY for an RO class at another plant.

Working 4 years (48 months) would satisfy qualification 1 (I have a BS, so At least 18 months of power plant experience.).
And qualification 2 (At least 12 months performing plant operational duties as a nonlicensed operator at a comparable (BWR/PWR) facility) would be satisfied as well.

Unless the caveat is for qualification 2, you have to have 12 months working while qualified for all power block and safety systems operational duties. I guess that means say I am fully qualified for all systems in 3.5 years, but the plant closes in 6 months, therefore I would not meet that requirement. Is this correct with your assessment? Also my current understanding is it takes about 2 years to become a fully qualified NLO, is this correct?

Also a lot of SRO license class job postings I see, typically just say with a B.S. and 18 months of NLO experience you can APPLY for an SRO slot.
This was taken from a recent posting: 0 - 2 Years with engineering degrees or the equivalent and who have held responsible positions as line managers or supervisors or as non-licensed operators at commercial nuclear plants.

And from another company: Positive POSS and FLS assessments AND BS or equivalent in engineering, engineering technology or physical sciences, or professional engineer license, and more than 18 months qualified non-licensed operator or a supervisor or manager in work control, operations, engineering, outage management, maintenance, radiation protection, chemistry or training at current or comparable (PWR) facility. Managerial, staff engineer, or supervisor experience at non-comparable plant may be credited on a 1.5:1.0 basis (i.e. over 27 months required for non-comparable facility) retirement benefits.

I understand these are the bare minimums just to APPLY and may not suffice for the job or is not even a reality in this industry but rather just a minimum. For example you can qualify for a presidential debate, doesn't mean you have a shot at becoming president. I am not being argumentative but this was my current thinking and want to ensure I am accurate as there is a bit of confusion.

With all that being said, yes I would be content with starting out at the NLO level again at a different plant, if anything I'd benefit from 2 qualifications and more experience, correct?

Thank you again for your assistance. The nuclear industry seems to be a bit cloak and dagger with their information.

For most of your questions, you'll need to look at ACAD 10-001. It has a few charts outlining the selection process for RO and SRO with explanations. I haven't looked at it in a while, so I'm not going to try to quote it, but the requirements for direct SRO are a little more lax than for direct RO.

Yes, the ACAD lists the bare minimum requirements for acceptance into license class (i.e. interview for the position). Most companies have additional requirements, such as POSS, BMST, SRO for Success, etc., that you need to take and pass to be selected.

You're the only one who can decide if you're willing to work somewhere for 3-4 years then move half way across the country (likely at your expense as an NLO) to start over. Your second time going through NLO quals will probably take less time, as you already have the foundation, but it's still going to be a couple more years. Then, once you start, your management probably won't look at you for license class until you've completed your quals.

A plethora of information is available to you now. Without further ado, ya buts, no comprendes, yada, yada, make a flippin decision and move on dude.(assumption) Even within a cloak and dagger community there is ample space for pickles.

Every bit of that info is here had you just taken the time to research vice being lazy and expecting everything to be handed to you.

For the record I wouldnt hire you. Too lazy.

Brett LaVigne:

--- Quote from: TVA on Dec 07, 2019, 08:07 ---Every bit of that info is here had you just taken the time to research vice being lazy and expecting everything to be handed to you.

For the record I wouldnt hire you. Too lazy.

--- End quote ---

Gee, that was helpful.


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