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SGPO Interview for TVA upcoming.

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Hello everyone, New to the site here and yes I have been searching around and have found some helpful material... so here is my current situation. I was invited to take the EEI for TVA after applying to the SGPO posting. I passed the EEI and have now been selected for an interview for what I "hear" is a class of 20 people being hired. I am just curious about what sort of interview to expect here? I have been in several interviews before so it's nothing really new but curious as to how this interview would be conducted and material discussed?...NOW with that being asked, I know I may get some snappy replies as I have also seen on some peoples postings on this site who also are simply new and someday hoping to have the experience all of you guys have. I really hope I can do well on this interview and be offered the career. I appreciate electricity and studying power generation and it has always been super intriguing to me. I want to do all I possibly can to learn the plant inside and out if I am lucky enough to get the offer and climb the ranks to ensure I can always provide for my family which now includes a baby boy! Anyways, thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some advice.

They use STAR Interview questions.

Look it up


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Also look uo "Love"

I love lamp


--- Quote from: TVA on Dec 10, 2019, 07:39 ---They use STAR Interview questions.

Look it up

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Thank you!


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