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I don't know how I did it, but I did.  I finally passed Roll Tide for "Most Time Online"

Rennhack  13d 4h 38m
Roll Tide  12d 21h 59m
Nuclear NASCAR  8d 22h 36m
Dan_E.  6d 4h 53m
Marlin  5d 4h 19m
Beer Court  5d 2h 59m
HydroDave63  5d 3m
Camella Black  4d 8h 20m
RAD-GHOST  4d 1h 21m
Atomic_Punk  3d 19h 46m

It only counts 10 minutes from the last activity.

It started counting when we upgraded to the SMF software (about a year ago ~400 days I'd guess.

It just counts the time you are active, and keeps counting, 1 hr is 60 active minutes, its a running total.


--- Quote from: Shayne on Feb 23, 2005, 09:00 ---I spend time on the site as a guest also, so I guess I have more time than my profile says.

--- End quote ---

NO credit for guests, you should stay logged in!

Click on forum tab, go to the bottom of the page, and click on "more stats".

I'm still kicking your hind end!

Rennhack  16d 21h 44m
Roll Tide  14d 20h 48m
Nuclear NASCAR  10d 18h 30m
Dan_E.  6d 18h 58m
Beer Court  5d 20h 46m
Marlin  5d 17h 56m
HydroDave63  5d 16h 0m
Camella Black  5d 13h 50m
RDTroja  5d 7h 39m
PWHoppe  4d 16h 55m

It's crazy, Tom has almost twice as much time online as the next closest person, and Roll tide has almost three times as much time online.


Rennhack  25d 15h 5m
Roll Tide  16d 23h 43m
Nuclear NASCAR  15d 8h 19m
Marlin  12d 3h 24m
PWHoppe  10d 18h 3m
Dan_E.  10d 3h 29m
RDTroja  9d 16h 1m
HydroDave63  9d 12h 22m
Shayne  9d 11h 11m
BeerCourt  8d 14h 52m


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