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Could be bad news for the nuclear industry...

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maybe in Britain, in the US of A, I would expect ADA challenges, workmen's comp claims, the usual slip offs, falls and lawsuits,...

not to mention the unfortunate few with biological disadvantages or morphological piccadillys peeing over the lower front sill and wetting down their skirts, slacks and undies,...

yeah, not happening,....

The beauty of this is that TMI has no money to change toilets, so I’m free to spend excessive amounts of time in the stall between fresh air breaks.

Gotta say: the morphological piccadilly line had me laughing as I sat on the ergonomically-designed toilet at work.

Brett LaVigne:
This is going to make my double time days miserable!

It's better than the "Squat Toilet", also known as the Asian Toilet. When using the squat toilet, there is no sitting, you squat and do your thing. If it doesn't come quickly, you better have strong legs. Many of them are composting, so if you drink too much, you could fall in.


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