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Good career path for a Reactor Operator outside of nuclear

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Save yore money. Consult financial planner. Cut awl none kneaded expenses. Ride out you're gig n retire.

Many moons ago, it became inherently obvious to those of us with only a basic education be it high school, a tech school, da navy, etc., that there was not a job in existence that could come close to our financial compensation while laboring inside the Owner Controlled Area. RP staffing requirements for EPlan compliance - way easier than a Pharmacist or R&D manager.Oh yeah - also way easier than an SRO. Ensuring the creation of ion pears was as low as reasonably achievable - great work if you can get it.

Plumbers can make good money


--- Quote from: TVA on Jan 01, 2020, 04:31 ---None of those are transferable RO skills

--- End quote ---

Correct.  My point is that the highest paid profession on that list, a Physician, whose Median base salary is $180,000.  $20k less than he makes.  He should not be looking to exit nuclear.

SloGlo has the answer I would pursue.


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