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Shipping container


I have participated in filling thousands of these containers with hazardous waste for demolition and remediation, I never knew they worked equally well as an opera hall.

they suffice as housing also,...

well, some of them, not all of them,...


--- Quote from: GLW on Jan 12, 2020, 06:38 ---well, some of them, not all of them,...

--- End quote ---

I know what you mean I have re-certified used ones for a couple of projects. They would have required mold remediation and a full sample suite prior to occupation.

I wonder if a shipping container challenge would work for Nukeworker? I met plenty of talented people on the road and at various facilities. Video themselves performing in a container then post it to YouTube and then Nukeworker.

Hmmmm!!! Any takers?

It occurs to me that if there are takers for the container challenge I can move them to a poll thread and add each entry to the poll on the thread.


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