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Dan Craine - Fermi II


Anyone who worked HP at Fermi back in the day will most likely remember Dan.  He was the Rad Engineering supervisor when he left site.  Dan died Saturday evening at home up near Port Huron, MI.  Great coworker and a better friend.  Going to miss you Dan.

Al Eidson:
Dan was a great person to work for. Very sad to hear this. Fermi was a better place to work when Dan was there.

Really sorry to hear that Dan is gone. We went through Nuke school and prototype together. We were also ELT’s on the Eisenhower together in the early 80’s. A great friend who is gone too soon. We had good times and we had hard times. It was great to have Dan around when things got hard. Reliable, intelligent, hard-working and always loyal to his friends. We shared a lot of laughter and helped each other get back to fleet landing on more than one occasion. I heard that he made it to Fermi but lost touch with him over the years. So sorry to hear that you are gone so soon. It would have been great to see you again.

I knew Dan. Great guy and a hard worker. If Dan said he was going to do something he would do it, on time and correctly. Made life better for those around him.

I served with Dan on the Eisenhower.  I remember him as one of the good guys.


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