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PWR Systems training, any good resources?


Hey all, I finally got through the process and have been hired on as a Jr. HP. With that entails a lot of training though, and one of the more in depth things I have to learn about is systems. Both units are PWR and I do have the in house material, but it's mostly just slides and such. I wasn't sure if there were perhaps more in depth books, videos, or other material I could use to try and help saturate the concepts into my head.

Figured it was worth a shot anyways, appreciate any help :)

Congrats. on the job, its a good one. You have no better resource available to you than the in house training programs. If the RP version on systems does not get you where you want, your new buddies in ops. can hook you up with more systems training than you will want to endure.  Try and become a SME on the RMS, always pays dividends in RP land. Good luck.


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