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I am about to finish my Freshman year of college. I am a biochemistry major and I have A's in GenChem 1 & 2, Physics 2, and Calc 1. I have a B+ (only due to my professor refusing to round my grade 1/100 of a point) However, I will most likely have a C in Calc 2. That said, I am not strong with integrals that aren't basic. This leads tomy question, how complicated are the integrals given in interviews. This may be a dumb question but I couldn't find an answer anywhere else. Also, what are the major topics in physics that I should study. Obviously, its best to know everything but what topics are especially important to focus on.
Lastly, what are some things those who have been through the interview process wish they had known going in.
Thanks in advance.

While I can't answer your question, I can say don't blame your professor for getting a B+. I'd be willing to bet that you course syllabus will tell you 90.0% is an A-, so an 89.999999999% is still a B+. It works the same in nuclear power, except our test are pretty much pass (2.5/2.8 navy student/staff or 80% for commercial) or fail. That means as a navy nuke if your final score is anything less than passing, even if it's .0000001 point, you fail. I suggest you put a little more effort into your next class to get your grade up instead of blaming your professor for not rounding.

They scale the interviews based on your degree. Biochemistry is non-technical (as far as the Navy is concerned), so you'll be asked things on the order of derive the formula for the area of a circle.


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