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--- Quote from: Radwraith on Apr 24, 2020, 10:55 ---Also remember, CT's are spooks! If they've got their claws into you they won't want to let go easily! It's the whole "spy game" thing! That could also explain the lack of explanation. Spooks don't talk much or explain their reasoning unless you're part of the "club". (Which you're not...yet!)

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--- Quote from: jordanttyler on Apr 24, 2020, 01:13 ---That's what I had been told as well, so I was surprised when no explanation was given. I doubt it has to do with finding enough people in rate, as there wouldn't be a 40k bonus if the rate was filled. I'm not upset about CT, but would rather be a Nuke.

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   I remember CTs kicking our top secret radiomen out of the radio shack because they were not top secret enough, pulling out some of the equipment installing their own. The downside is if you wanted to qualify in subs and earn the submarine warfare pin (Dolphins) CTs are not onboard long enough to do the quals. It takes normally six months to a year depending on the boats operational schedule. CTs were only onboard for missions a couple of weeks to a couple of months. A bartender at a local craft beer establishment is a CT. Not the career path I would have expected for an ex-CT but he seems happy.
   Nuke is a tough billet to fill I would think if your recruiter could he would get you in, I guess I should say Talent Acquisition Specialist that is what they are called now. A Lieutenant Commander responsible for recruiting in two states was the guest speaker at a SubVets meeting i attended (by Zoom) recently he talked about the need for nukes. He was a P-8 pilot so he caught a little ribbing about their inability to find subs from his sub qualified staff and the SubVets at the meeting. ;)

Good luck however your career turns out and thanks for your future service.


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