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We finally updated the job board to make it more mobile friendly.  Now it looks like the rest of the site.  We also updated it to php 7.3.

If you could click around the job board, and provide feedback, I would appreciate it.  We have the programmers engaged NOW, so NOW is when we can fix things in the job board.

Next task... figure out how to make the quiz moble friendly.

Strange that not even one new job post in the last couple of days!


--- Quote from: Jimi53 on May 06, 2020, 11:47 ---Strange that not even one new job post in the last couple of days!

--- End quote ---

Good catch.  The bulk job import appears to be broken.  We'll get that fixed ASAP.

[UPDATE] Fixed.

The next update will allow us to post jobs to our twitter page.  We already post to our facebook page.

It will also allow you to use your social medial account to login to your jobboard account.

All part of trying to make the job board more accessible to mobile users, as a TON of use use NukeWorker on our mobile devices today.

*having issues uploading resume from mobile- but this could just be me!
* job search, it says select location region or state. However, I can not select a state without selecting a region first which populates that drop down. It is also necessary to deselect select a state in the drop down to work correctly


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