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Looking for experiences as a firefighter/fire tech at plants

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--- Quote from: Tony Pittiscatta on May 06, 2020, 06:45 ---I'm also curious if it's normal to have a ~1 hour phone interview prior to the POSS? Struck me as odd that several (3-4) people spent that much time talking to me prior to me even taking said test. For all they'd know I'd fail it and they wasted their morning.

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A phone interview is an hour or so out of someone's day. The POSS exam is half day day event that they have to bring you out for. So it makes more sense to do a basic interview first, especially given travel restrictions right now. After the interview, they can decide if they want to bring you out for the test.

When I tested with Exelon, they brought me out for three days, POSS/BMSC exam, the "supervisor" test (all day role-playing exam), and the interview, but that was six years ago.

as has bin espoused hear, n.p.p. fire fighting is sum thing most can't hold a candle two.

Tony Pittiscatta:

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TVA is correct most power plants do not have firefighters and the engineering positions may also be a collateral duty for engineers of other disciplines. Most larger DOE sites do have firefighters and engineers specific to fire mitigation and emergency response. On the EMT side that varies but that too probably is a collateral duty relegated to first responders with possibly day time coverage with a nurse especially during outages. My experience is dated but working as a radiation protection supervisor in the 80s I had firefighting training and certified as an EMT to be a first responder.

What is the job title you are applying for?

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This is the position.


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