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--- Quote from: GLW on May 24, 2020, 12:02 ---yep, that's pert much on purpose and the nature of the beast,....

neutron "dose" is highly dependent on energy, handheld meters are calibrated to allow over compenstation,....

dosimetry does not (over compensate),....

it's only common sense ( and that ALARA crap) to use work controls which produce a lower legal dose record,...

--- End quote ---

   Agree and another way to put it is field work uses conservative controls and measurements for risk assessment. More accurate measurements are done by engineers, Health Physicists and dosimetry personnel reporting  legal exposure to regulators.

My  [2cents]  being bored at home.

The same holds true for gamma instrumentation/EPD/TLD (excuse me... DLR) ratios.


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