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--- Quote from: Tabby on Aug 11, 2020, 12:23 ---Please tell me how you manage work life balance- particularly with kids. Do you feel like you are missing out on spending time with them? Would a 9-5 be better vs shift work or is the time off sufficient to make it work ?

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time off is time off - how you manage and spend it is all on you,....

9 - 5,.....

doctors work  9 - 5, dentists work 9 - 5, bankers, school admin offices, lots and lots of service providers, etc.,....

so, if you work 9 - 5 and you frequently need time off for all those things vis a vis yourself and your kids, then how can you expect the other person who does not need that time to not score better than you on the reliability aspect of your periodic evaluations?!?!?!

as long as you are good with that, and appreciate a job where you can take that much time off, and do it all without gritting your teeth when co-worker X gets a better eval in some aspects important to the workplace, then work the 9 - 5,....

with shift work, if you manage things well, you can personally attend most all of those other 9 - 5'ers outside the workplace with no one at the workplace being any the wiser, or even having it matter to them as it's not their business because it does not impact their business,....

been there, done that,....


--- Quote from: Marlin on Aug 12, 2020, 11:35 ---I suppose she could have a wife but the odds are husband.

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Oh my goodness! First step to PolySci.

Thank you for the responses everybody! How does it work if you need to take time off? (Vacation, etc)


--- Quote from: Marlin on Aug 12, 2020, 11:35 ---I suppose she could have a wife but the odds are husband.

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This is correct. 😊

Swings - not good for having kids, good for younger people or if you like to go out at night.
Mids - good if you can sleep at work.  some plants schedule a good bit of work on mids.
Days - good if you have decent management/supervision and can stand them.  good for family.
Rotating shiftwork - good if your body can tolerate it.  Good if you are flexible and like flexibility.


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