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Does anyone know when TVA typically posts  NLO positions?

Also, does TVA hire ILT candidates externally? If so, any idea when they typically post them?

I think there is no current open positions but I had seen some in the past. Though, they hire very quickly and it's like impossible to catch one. I think there is no reason for waiting, just send out your CV and they will contact you if you are suitable for any positions in the future. And in the meantime you can try your chance in Europe for example. I heard they pay good in Germany for NLO positions. Just buy property in Germany, settle in, and if you get a better job offer from TVA later you can quickly sell the place or rent out with good rental income.

The SRO position at TVA has unionized so external instants is going to be rare for any site. Not impossible but rare, just depending on the needs of the site.


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