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Plant Closing Announced: Decision Help Please

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Dresden, of Exelon, announced closure in 14 months. What should I do? Currently, I am in training for an SRO license.  Seeking advice from people who have been through this and are knowledgeable of the industry is appreciated.

I would expect that if the DnD contract is not yet awarded just review what the destaff strategy was when they shutdown Zion and expect more of the same, and then plan accordingly,...

IIRC there may yet be a few ex-Zionistas at Dresden, talk to them if they'll give you their time,...

The Zion experience works as a model if Dresden closes and moves into the decommissioning phase sooner rather than later. At TMI, Exelon opted for the SAFSTOR route and said they wouldn't do any major dismantlement until 2074. I don't know what your decommissioning fund looks like, but we don't have enough to think about moving in that direction here. Exelon isn't in the business of decommissioning, so presumably another outfit would come in to take the license (Oyster Creek and Holtec) or manage the project (Zion and Energy Solutions). Several of the SROs took positions at other sites (Calvert, Peach, Limerick) in Ops training or FLS in Maintenance or Chemistry. They were really good about getting people placed from the Ops side (most disciplines honestly aside from RP) at the plants they wanted but different disciplines. I know of only one RO who chose to go through class again for a different site. The RO class that was in progress was allowed to finish, despite the impending shutdown, and received their bonus. Several left after the defueling, and a couple stayed.

As a simple RP tech, I can't speak to all the specifics of Ops and SROs, but I do know what it's like hanging around after the plant shuts down though. Staffing is fluid beyond the required ERO numbers needed during the Zirc Fire Window. I can go into more detail over a PM. Best wishes to you either way. I hate to see it happen to anyone else.

Excelon is a big company. There will probablly be the opportunity to transfer to another plant in the system. They have invested a lot of money in their employees and shoulld be amenable to in company transfers. When VY, an Entergy plant, shutdown they offered several employees, of all disciplines, transfers within the company. In most cases, they payed moving costs and honored the retention bonus. They also notified other utilities and allowed employees to transfer. 

What happens to SRO's after the final shutdown?


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