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Plant Closing Announced: Decision Help Please

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Stay tuned, your company is the best source of info. They should come out with a shutdown plan which will provide you with options. They should offer a retention bonus for those who stay until shutdown. If they terminate your SRO training, they will tell you what options you have within Exelon. They usually having a staffing plan which will be inflated because they have to keep the E-plan staffed for ~ 1 year after shutdown. All positions will be posted, and you will have to apply. Those that aren't selected will be given other options. When the E-plan is terminated, there will be another downsizing. They still need to maintain the SFP until all fuel is in dry storage. It gets pretty boring after shutdown, but this won't be the last and any experience you get will be valuable. The biggest drawback is that it is not long term.

Any one from TMI to share on the specific of the shutdown schedule regarding staffing and timelines? Ops is my interest but other dept are welcome to share as others may find it helpful.


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