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Lady Nuclear:
I'm going to be attending training at BHI Energy, and then possibly outages as a RP Tech.  Just curious does everyone wear boots or sneakers while working at the plant?  Thanks!

No sneakers while working in the plant -- some plants won't let you through the gate in them. Most plants want 'sturdy shoes' even if you don't enter the power block. If you do enter, then steel- or composite- (ANSI certified) toes in either work shoes or boots. Slight variations exist from plant to plant (generally leaning toward more strict) but that is the general rule.

Working as an  HP/RP in a NPP will require safety toed shoes , either steel toe or composite toe as the illustrious RDTroja (👏👏) stated. There may be NPP which do not allow a sneaker model to be worn in the workplace, but I am unaware of those. The day of the "defined heel leather upper" footwear seems to have passed, at least in my scope of the industry. I have run across sites which will not allow an open weave upper in a shoe model.
That all said, an applicable hard toe has an excellent chance of being acceptable.
One item for consideration will be if you want to wear them in and out of the plant, or if you'll change in and out of them. If you will be wearing them in and out, steel toes and steel shanks will alarm the security detectors and you will remove them and process through security in stocking feet.

You will typically be made aware of the site requirements prior to reporting.

If you did not get the correct message you will be informed of that miscommunication within a short increment of time after reporting to the site.

Be prepared, either bring the max footwear as a precaution if you receive such a miscommunication or enough funds to purchase the max footwear if required.

Max footwear would be steel/composite shank, steel/composite toe, leather with minimum ankle high lacing to support your ankles.

Metatarsals can be required, I have not seen metatarsals required at a NPP or DOE site.


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