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Can you get access for contract work at nuclear sites if you have been terminated at another site? Please explain in detail!

If it's a favorable termination, then there's no issue at all.

If it's unfavorable, then it depends on a number of factors. If there was a ban attached to that termination (e.g. 5 year, 10 year, etc.), then the answer is obviously no until it expires. If the ban is permanent, well then you're basically toast in the entire industry. If there was no ban attached, then I believe they will make you write a lengthy statement detailing what happened and the licensee will attempt to contact the site you got the unfavorable termination from for more information. Depending on what (or even if) they say and also how the licensee feels about it, they will make the decision from there.

However, do understand that, even if there's no ban attached, you shouldn't expect to get an unfavorable termination at a nuclear plant and then go straight to another one and necessarily plan on them letting you in, especially if the next one belongs to the same company. It's one thing if the unfavorable termination happened 5-10+ years ago, but it's another if it was like 3 months or a year or two ago. In the end, the licensee makes that decision on a case-by-case basis, but the overall industry trend is that they've definitely gotten pickier over the years. Definitely expect turbulence at the next site you apply to and even then, you still may not get in.

So the TL;DR is technically both yes and no. It really depends on a number of key factors and where you're applying for access to. Some utilities/sites are stricter than others and can even ban you from accessing their sites using their own internal systems. But if there's a PADS ban attached, then the answer is a hard no for all nuclear sites in the U.S.


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