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Is Polimaster the Fastest/Best PRD?


Some years back I bought a Polimastier 1703 series off eBay.  I was impressed at the sensitivity and response time of that unit.  Unfortunately, I think it was auctioned because of an internal short that wore down batteries very quickly, and I had to discard the unit.  This is one of the risks of buying used equipment off eBay.
I've been looking at purchasing another PRD, and I've researched the top units.  I tried a PRM-3041 GammaRAE II R and I was surprised at how insensitive it was.  I had to get much closer to a source for it to alarm than I remember with the Polimaster.
My research points to the ThermoFisher RadEye and the Polimaster units as having the fastest response rates, with Polimaster having the edge on sensitivity.   Does the group here agree?
Is there anywhere an individual can purchase preowned PRDs for good prices other than eBay?


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