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Hey all,
I haven't been able to find the answer to my question in the older post but I'm interested in joining this Industry as a career path. I wanted to take a specialized training program in Radiation Saftey that's recognized by the CNSC and apply for a Position at the OPG Plant in Pickering, ON but i also would like to know from people who are already working in the Industry if this would be favorable over a 2 year College Diploma in Applied Nuclear Science & Radiation Saftey. The biggest difference between the 2 would have to be the obvious time requirement for each, I would love to take a Specialized training course and start working right away but i know it's not going to be that easy. Judging from what I've read Competition in this Industry is Fierce, I don't have the money to take a 4 year Degree but if that's my only option then I'll do it. I applied to the OPG Position anyways since they stated it required a minimum of a High school Diploma. I still would like to have some sort of foundation before i start working if I'm even called for an Interview, Which i doubt but i won't turn it down if I am. I was also asked if i had a Membership in the NRRPT which i looked up and found out, requires 5 years experience before you can even apply to take the Exam. I still want to pursue a NRRPT membership as soon as I meet the requirements. I would appreciate any advice any Canadian Nuclear workers can offer me about getting into the Industry in this country.   


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