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DeNuke  is bidding  outages.  I  do  not  work for  them,  but  have  worked  with  their  people  and  they are  great!!! Hope  they  give  SEC  and Bartlett a run  for  their  money.

Shonka RULES!!!!!!!

Sushi it's not just for breakfast anymore. :)

I agree LD5030. Also  I  just  had me  some Sushi  an  hour  ago!!! I  thought  this  was  the  DeNuke  thread though. I  am  too  modest to  start a  Shonka  thread, But if someone  else  does I  guess I  can  make comment.  As  I  said  before,  DeNuke  is  great!!!!!!

Already Gone:
I have to give them their props for coming out in public with that name.  DeNuke is what happened to those guys who failed NPS or got busted for drugs in the Navy.  Either that or they are French-Canadian.  Then again, they could be using the "De"refix as a Mediterranian kind of thing.  Y'know, like: El Plaza De Nuke, or maybe a Southwestern flair: Los Comancheros De Los Nukas.
I find it hard to think that anyone will take them seriously since they put so little thought into the name of their company.  After all, the Brand Name is a the most valuable asset any business owns.  DeNuke sounds like something George Costanza (Seinfeld) would have come up with.  Do you suppose their CEO is Art Van der Lay?
On the other hand... if they can staff outages with qualified people, keep those people working, pay them with checks that don't bounce... they may overcome the stigma of having a silly name.
I wish them the best of luck in this rough business.  If they are willing to treat their employees as people, they'll have my support.

OR there name could be that they are good at DE-contamination.


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