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Who cares what they're called?  As long as they cut the checks and they don't bounce.

I know the VP with DeNuke, worked with him at Chem-Nuclear. Nice person and very smart, been in this buisness for years, I think they will make it just fine. Have no idea where the name came from.

I  heard  DeNuke is  offering  33hr and 105 diem for outages. Thats Good  for a Senior HP!!!

Already Gone:

--- Quote from: Shonkatoys on Mar 12, 2005, 09:26 ---I  heard  DeNuke is  offering  33hr and 105 diem for outages. Thats Good  for a Senior HP!!!

--- End quote ---
That's not really fair.  They are offering that rate for ONE project only!!!  It is not for an outage - it is for a "project".  It wouldn't be fair to say that they are offering 33/105 for outages when they are offering 33/105 for one non-outage job.  There is no mention of the hours, or if the overtime rate is time and a half or straight time or if they are even paying for overtime at all.  It is highly probable that this is for a 40hr/week job.  As far as the 105 per-diem goes, look at the location.  The gov't per-diem rate for that area is around $300.  So, $105 isn't that great.

I hope that they will be able to come up with the goods, but you are putting a big burden on them when you say that they are offering something that they are not.  Personally, I think it is a good rate, but it is the standard rate for an ALARA job anyway.  So, don't get yer panties in a twist.

Already Gone:
I'm getting a mental block.  When the posting says "outage tech support" I don't read that the same as being an outage RP tech.  To me, that sounds like ALARA or something indirectly related.  Since Bartlett has the contract for RP techs at that particular plant, I'm led to suspect that there are only a couple of openings providing ALARA (or a similar function) for some contractor.  Usually, those jobs start at 40's for like a month before the outage, switch to OT during the outage, and end at some point before the outage itself is over.
What I'm saying is that this particular job offer is nothing new or spectacular.  It has been going on for a long time, but somebody got the idea that this pay rate is for swinging a meter in the can for three weeks of 84's.  A little caution has to be used here, else someone is likely to get disappointed.
On the PLUS SIDE, it's good to see that they're paying for OT.


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