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Smart People:
As current employee of Denuke for the last year and a half, I can say I've had no problems.

 [Flamer] [Flamer]
--- Quote from: Rennhack on Dec 14, 2010, 06:12 ---You want to know my hot button?  Tell me you are being censored.

--- End quote ---
[BH] [BH]

Of course you can pick any staffing company on this site and someone will be sending [Flamer] their way. Usually it seems to be the same people. Trying to reason with them is like [BH]

I think that Quality control needs to watch what they say. I would hope that with all the experience this person claims to have, they would know that everyone reads these posts and that might not be the best way to get their point across. Maybe it stops them from being employed anywhere, not just with Denuke. I have worked for denuke for a couple of years and i think they have been great and everyone i have met within the company as been very helpful. I think this guy just had a bad experience. Also to mr. beer court ( whats wrong with the name DENUKE ). its doing something right they keep getting contracts all over the country. Thats my  [2cents]

Smart People:
Hmmmm...,. I was De-nuked, now I'm working for Denuke.....

Denuke is mostly geared toward clean up, Final Status Surveys, and shipment of radwaste. So, removal of rad or De-nuking a facility.  A couple of years ago they started a sister company called Renuke to get into the industry of the upcoming proposed new plants and facilities.

Is DeNuke now ATL?


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