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Working and living at the Barakah power station UAE


Has anyone got any knowledge and experience of working at the Barakah Station and what is the standard of the living accommodation provided.
Many thanks

I am also interested, so...? Anyone?

I will say that I did some research about this a year ago. Rumor at that time was that the rooms were about like your standard hotel. Recruiter I talked to said they provided you with transportation also...but then I heard everyone was basically confined to the compound because of the pandemic, so...?

Thanks for any current information about the job....which contract company treats you best, pros & cons of the experience, etc...

One of my friends was working in Barakah no nuke related and I can only remember that he was complaining all the time about how hot is the place... I can get in touch with him if you wanna learn more about the place. He worked there as an engineer for 3 years and then managed to buy villa in Nice so I can say that he was getting paid well.


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