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Working and living at the Barakah power station UAE

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--- Quote from: UncaBuffalo on Jun 26, 2021, 07:17 ---
Rumor at that time was that the rooms were about like your standard hotel.

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New rumor is that the housing will be so full during the outage that you will be required to split a room with a worker who is on the opposite shift?


--- Quote from: UncaBuffalo on Feb 06, 2022, 01:24 ---Heard that one of the French companies was awarded the RP technician contract for this outage? And pay-rate low...$7000-ish per month base? Apparently able to staff it mostly with Central Asian technicians?

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Also 30 technicians from South Africa going. A HUGE loss for Koeberg...but will be good for the technicians...AND for Barakah.

Someone said that Barakah is the new RP "Fyre Festival"? Can anyone currently there tell us how things are going?

The South African techs are starting to bail out & come back to Koeberg. And Barakah is also losing several of their Canadian & European techs?

Guess communication is a huge issue in Abu Dhabi with all the different nationalities they staffed...?

The South African techs also felt like they were being asked to do too much decon work & not enough REAL radiation protection?

Anybody go to their outage this spring? How was it? I heard they were making the outage workers split a room with someone from the opposite shift?

Anybody there long-term? How is that? Do you still get your own room if you sign the one year contract?


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