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Does anyone know what the shift schedule is for limerick?

Also, If you work at a plant and wouldn't mind sharing what your schedule is that would be great.

Different plant, but my plant's schedule rolls like this. D is 7a-7p, N is 7p-7a, T is 7a-3p (training). Night shifts begin the night before the day they're listed on the 'calendar'. Hopefully the formatting holds up

             M   T   W   R   F   S   S
Week 1: D   D   D   D   x   x   x
Week 2: N   N   N   N   x   x   x
Week 3:  x   x   x    x   D  D   D
Week 4:  x   x   x    x   N  N   N
Week 5:  x   T   T    T   T   x   x    then repeat to week 1

gotta love switching your sleep schedule 4 times every 35 days...I've done it and if I can help it will never do it again.  but some people love it!  if you can catch a good nap on nite shift...then ok.

I don't mind it, really. Then again, I don't have kids yet either.


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